• Orders, SmartShip and Delivery

    • Which destinations does Modere Europe ship to?

      These are the destinations Modere ships to: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, mainland France and Corsica, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, mainland Spain and Ibiza and Mallorca, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, the Ukraine, and the United Kingdom including the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. Due to customs restrictions, it is not possible to ship to Switzerland, Norway or another destination that is not part of the European Union if you are not a resident of that same location.

    • Can I order from outside of these destinations?

      Only if you have registered with Modere Europe can you order from us and have your order shipped to one of the destinations mentioned above. Contact us if you are unsure as to what you should do.

    • Can I have all your products shipped to the destinations listed above?

      Some of our products may not be shipped to particular countries. Our Site will make you aware of this when you order a product that is not available for the destination you have selected.

    • How much do you charge for delivery?

      You can check the delivery rates for each country we ship to via the Quick Link “Delivery Rates”. The delivery rates for the destination you have selected will also be shown in the order review screen.

    • Can I place orders over the telephone?

      To get the best experience, we encourage you to place your order through our website. Should you experience issues when ordering through our website, we will be happy to take your order over the phone. Having a list of the products that you wish to order available when you call us will speed up the order placement.

      Ireland 1800 936 375 (Freephone)
      United Kingdom 0808 238 9514 (Freephone)
      English support +353 (0)21 73 55 935 (Direct dial; international call rates apply)

      Freephone numbers allow you to call Modere free of charge when dialling from a landline in the country listed. Please note that some mobile phone operators may charge for such numbers. Please check with your service provider

    • How do I know my order is confirmed?

      Once your order is confirmed you will see the confirmation on the screen. You will also receive an order confirmation email from us. If you don’t receive an order confirmation email, you can email us to enquire about the status of your order. If you pay by credit or debit card and you do not see the confirmation on the screen and have received no confirmation email for your order, we suggest that you contact your bank before attempting to place the order again.

    • How can I track my parcel?

      The day your order has been picked up by the carrier we will send you a Shipment Notification email with a link to track your parcel.

    • How soon may I expect my parcel?

      You can count on the parcel being delivered usually within 7 working days following receipt of the order confirmation email if the parcel is dispatched with a standard service. Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays in The Netherlands where our warehouse is located and in the destination are not considered working days.

    • Can I change the delivery address of my order?

      The sooner you contact us via the Contact form or via the telephone during working hours, the more chance we have of correcting or changing the delivery address. Once a parcel has left our warehouse with a carrier we cannot guarantee that the delivery address can be changed.

    • Can I add or remove a product to or from my order?

      It is not possible to add or remove a product to an order once the order is confirmed. If you would like an additional product or remove a product, you can place a new order or cancel the original order by giving us a call or sending us an urgent email. We highly recommend that you insert “Stop parcel” in the subject field of your email.

    • Can I cancel my order?

      Without prejudice to your statutory rights, you may cancel your order without giving any reason within 30 days of shipment of your order. You must inform Modere of your decision to cancel your order. Please familiarise yourself with our returns policy explained in these FAQs or read our General Terms and Conditions.

    • Which payment methods may I choose from?

      We offer a number of payment methods:
      • Maestro
      • VISA credit/debit card
      • VISA Carte Bleue
      • Mastercard credit/debit card
      • direct debit for residents of Austria, Germany and the Netherlands who have an Austrian, German or Dutch bank account
      • bank transfer for payment of SmartShip orders*.
      The My Account section of the website offers the possibility to store certain payment data securely.
      *SmartShip orders that will be paid for by bank transfer will only be shipped once we have received the full amount for the order.

    • What are your bank account details?

      Our bank account details are as follows:
      Beneficiary: Modere Europe BVBA
      IBAN: BE58 3630 2441 8879 or account number: 363-0244188-79

    • In which currency will I be charged?

      If you have a billing address in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey, we will charge you for your order in Pound Sterling. If you have a billing address in any other European location served by Modere we will charge you for your order in Euro.

    • What is SmartShip?

      SmartShip is a programme Modere has designed to help you conveniently replenish your lifestyle essentials. Products that you have selected for SmartShip will arrive at your doorstep according to the intervals that you choose. For example, if you know you will need Modere Mineral Solutions™ every month and a Modere Shampoo for All Hair Types™ every other month, you can set up a SmartShip delivery profile to ensure your favourite products are shipped to you when you want them.

    • How do I get started on SmartShip?

      Log into www.modere.eu, select SmartShip from the account icon and click Edit Profile. Enter your shipping address, payment method, and the day of the month you’d like your SmartShip order to be processed. Remember to click Update SmartShip for each section that you’ve updated. Next, return to the SmartShip Manager and click Quick Shop; select the first item you want to have delivered to you on a regular basis and select it for SmartShip (rather than one time delivery); set the frequency of delivery of the product (every month, or every 2,3 or 6 months) and the first month you want the product to be sent to you. Then click Add to SmartShip order. Repeat this process for each item you want delivered via SmartShip.

    • How can I pay for my SmartShip Order?

      You can pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card depending on the bank that issued your card, or with a UK Maestro debit card. The card will be automatically charged when the order is generated. You can also pay via bank transfer. Orders paid via bank transfer will only be shipped once payment has been received. Finally, residents of Austria, Germany and the Netherlands can pay via direct debit from an Austrian, German or Dutch bank account.

    • Will you send me a reminder about my SmartShip orders?

      Yes, you will receive a SmartShip reminder 5 days prior to the order processing date.

    • How can I view the details of my SmartShip delivery?

      To view the details of your SmartShip delivery, log into www.modere.eu and select SmartShip from the account icon. In the SmartShip Manager you can view the current details of your SmartShip profile product by product, see the price of your next order as well as the points you earn when the order is successfully processed.

    • How can I modify my SmartShip profile?

      To modify your SmartShip profile log into www.modere.eu and select SmartShip from the account icon. In the SmartShip Manager you can remove items and change the frequency and the next order month for each product. Click Edit Profile to update your shipping address, your payment method or payment details, and the day of the month that you want your order to be processed. To add products to the profile, go to the Quick Shop and select products for SmartShip (rather than one time delivery).

    • How long do I have to modify or cancel my online SmartShip profile?

      You can modify or cancel your online SmartShip profile up to the end of the day preceding the order processing date.

    • Can I save several addresses for my SmartShip deliveries?

      No, but you can edit the existing delivery address up to the end of the day preceding the order processing day. Be sure to click Update SmartShip to save the new delivery address.

    • What are your delivery rates for SmartShip deliveries?

      SmartShip deliveries are subject to the same delivery rates as one time orders. Discounted or free delivery you may have earned with Modere Perks will also apply to your SmartShip orders.

    • Will I receive an e-mail to confirm the changes made to the SmartShip profile?

      Yes, you will.

    • Will I receive an order confirmation for my SmartShip orders?

      Yes, you’ll receive an order confirmation e-mail if your SmartShip order was successfully processed and paid for.

    • What happens if a product that I placed in my next SmartShip order runs out of stock before my order processes?

      Your order will go on hold and we’ll send you an e-mail.

    • What happens if there are problems with the payment for my order.

      We’ll contact you within two working days.

    • I don’t want my next SmartShip delivery yet. What do I do?

      Log into www.modere.eu and select SmartShip from the account icon. In the SmartShip Manager, revise the next order month of the products you don’t want to have delivered yet.

    • How can I cancel my SmartShip delivery?

      To cancel your SmartShip delivery, log into www.modere.eu, select SmartShip in your account, remove all the products from the SmartShip Manager, edit your profile and delete any data you saved previously. Don’t forget to click Update SmartShip for the changes you’ve made.

    • Who do I turn to if I have questions about my SmartShip delivery?

      Just contact us with your questions.

  • Share the Love

    • What is Share the Love?

      Share the Love is Modere’s customer referral programme. Just refer your friends to Modere and you and your friends will get a Share the Love (STL) coupon on condition that your friends open an account with us and place an order within 30 days of opening their account. The STL coupon is worth €10 or £10 depending on the currency of the Modere account. Here are the conditions that apply.

    • How long do the STL coupons remain valid?

      If you referred a friend to Modere who used your referral code (also known as a promo code) to register with Modere, your STL coupon remains valid for 365 days from the date your friend received their STL coupon. If you opened your account with Modere with an existing Modere Customer’s referral code, your STL coupon remains valid for 30 days from your registration date.

    • What is the best way to Share the Love?

      You can refer your family, friends and acquaintances to www.modere.eu via an invite email that you can send from the Share the Love page when you are logged in. You can also share your referral link in one of your own e-mails; or you can post your referral link on social media.

    • Where can I find this invite email and my own referral link?

      When you’re logged into www.modere.eu, click on the Share the Love banner just below the main top menu. Scroll down in the Share the Love page and you’ll see “Invite via email” and “Invite via link”.

    • Where else can I find my referral link and my referral code?

      Your account information will also show your referral link and your referral code. You can access your account information by clicking on the silhouette icon next to your name when you’re logged in.

    • May I give my referral code to my friends rather than a link?

      Sure. But from experience we know it’s much safer for your friends to be directed to the Modere website via the email invite or your unique referral link.

    • Why is it preferable to refer my friends via the Invite email or my referral link?

      If your friends enter www.modere.eu via the Invite e-mail or your unique link, your referral code will be automatically entered into the “Promo Code” field when your friends open an account. If you ask them to enter your referral code manually, errors may happen and you and your friends may miss out on the STL coupon.

    • When I send this invite e-mail or the referral link, do I get the STL coupon at that time?

      No. The person you sent the invite to must have opened an account with Modere with your referral code and have successfully placed a Modere order within 30 days of opening their account.

    • How would we know that we have an STL coupon?

      Your friends will have the STL coupon automatically added to their cart during the check-out process provided they order within 30 days of opening their account with us. When you want to use the STL coupon, you’ll actively have to add it to the card during step 2 of the check-out process as a “Qualified Promotion”. Just add the quantity and click “Next”. The quantity of the STL coupons added may not exceed the number of coupons that is available.

    • Can we exchange the STL coupon for cash?

      No. The STL coupon can only be used in a Modere product order. And the total price of the products must exceed the value of the STL coupon.

  • My Account

    • Will you keep my personal information private?

      We understand that online privacy is important to you. Please take the time to read our Internet Privacy Policy.

    • How can I reset my password?

      You can reset your password in your Account Information. Simply type in a new password and confirm it. Then click "Save".

    • How can I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

      To reset your password if you have forgotten it, simply click Login and click on "Forgot Password?".

    • Can I close my account?

      To close your account simply send us an email through the Contact form and we will close the account for you. Please be aware that once your account is closed you will forfeit any points you may have collected in the Customer Reward Programme.

  • Returns and Reimbursements

    • What is your returns policy?

      Without prejudice to your statutory rights, you may cancel your order without giving any reason within 30 days of shipment of your order. You must inform Modere of your decision to cancel your order. Upon a timely notice to us, we will reimburse all payments received from you for the goods you purchased and wish to cancel and will also reimburse the original delivery charges for the least expensive type of delivery offered by us, no later than 14 days from the day we have been advised of the return of your parcel to our warehouse or have received proof from you that you have returned the parcel to our warehouse. For the refund, we will use the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. You will carry the risk of loss in shipping the product(s) to us and the cost of the return.
      Also without prejudice to your statutory rights, if one or more products that you ordered on our Site would prove to be defective or damaged upon delivery, you also have 30 days from shipment of the order to contact us and request either a refund or a replacement of the defective or damaged product(s). We may require proof of the damage or ask you to voluntarily participate in a survey if the defect or damage you experienced warrants this. Upon receipt of the proof of the damage or defect we will reimburse you for the price of the defective or damaged product(s) and possibly the original delivery charges for the least expensive type of delivery offered by us. If any product(s) need to be returned to us, we will reimburse the costs of the return to you.

    • What is your returns procedure?

      You as the purchaser must notify us via the Contact form within 30 days of shipment of your order that you would like to cancel your order or return specific products in your order. We do ask that each product being returned be returned in its original container. We will provide you with a return authorisation form which you must enclose in the return parcel along with a copy of the original invoice. We’d appreciate it if you could mark each parcel with the return authorisation number that you will find on the form. You should then ensure the safe return of the products to the return address which is our warehouse in The Netherlands and which is specified on the return authorisation form.

  • More info

    • What is the recommended IT environment for www.modere.eu?

      Operating systems:

      PC OS: Windows Vista/7/8
      MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later


      Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome (the latest version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Safari (Mac latest version, Safari for Windows is not supported).

      Smartphone/tablet OS:

      Can only be used on iOS 8.0, Android 4.0 and more recent various compatible models.